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Bedroom toys should not be left in the bedroom at all. There are some guys who don’t like them because of peer pressure, but can lose the best orgasm. They can improve the sensation and give you a feeling of satisfaction that you didn’t expect. The act of sexually stimulating yourself is a normal thing for everyone. Let that stigma of sex out of the way!

With that in mind we’ll be reviewing one of the most recent products in sex in the present The Arcwave Ion.

Made by WOWTech Ltd, who is known for sex toys like The Womanizer and We-Vibe. This is, in fact, the company’s venture into male-sex toys. While the intentions are there but it has something good up to its sleeves.


Pros and Cons of Arcwave Ion Arcwave Ion Canada


  • Water-resistant
  • It can be twisted to separate two parts during cleaning
  • It doesn’t look like a sex toy at first glance
  • Made of high-density silicone
  • Penises of all sizes are able to fit in


  • It can be noisy at times, but it is covered with the Smart Silence feature
  • Bulky charging case
  • Not intended for sex with partners, only for solo masturbation

Archive Ion’s Specs

The majority of sex toys do not talk about the specs. Why? Because most would determine what it does to make the sexual experience better than knowing what it is before usage.

The length overall of Arcwave Ion is 5.9 inches. The widest of the device is 2.04 inches. What is different here is that it is focused on the tip of your dick. It is only 3.42 inches is available for insertion. The company claims that its diameter could extend up as high as 1.73 inches, however the internal diameter is around 1.29 inches.

Arcwave Ion Canada

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What is the use of Arcwave Ion? Arcwave Ion is Used

At first glance, it’s hard to even be aware that it’s a sex toy. The company has this design in mind to blend in with the surroundings and not cause any eyebrows.

You can control how you want to be relaxed at the touch of a button. It includes storage bases to keep the device fully charged. If you put the device to its lowest setting, you can think of it as a typical vibrator. As it becomes more robust you may hear more sound from the device. This can be a nuisance to those who need privacy.

The product promotes edging as well as all other kinds of orgasms. It may take some time however, you must be able to trust the process. Everyone loves to discover the sexual pleasures that are satisfying to them. Therefore, it’s up to you how you want to get that nut busted.

Cleanup and Maintenance

How do you clean Arcwave Ion uses a Twist and Clean mechanism. The silicone top is twisted and then wash it off with water. The item itself is water-resistant as you can submerge both parts and clean them up thoroughly.

Inside the storage, a silica stick is found inside. This eliminates any moisture inside the device to the very last drop after being charged.

Pleasure Air

Pleasure Air is Arcwave’s newest approach in stimulation via airwaves. Instead of reverberations, you get pulsating airwaves towards the tip or penis’s frenulum. The same technology can be found in the Womanizer toy for those who didn’t know. It specifically targets the nerve endings that are sensitive on your willy for satisfaction and a pleasant snort.

Smart Silence

Although it’s not a name even though it’s a feature, Smart Silence feature requires some effort.

You must let the device touch your skin to let the stroker begin. When it has it, it will pulsate and then stimulate your schlong. If you fail to make contact, it will shut down. Arcwave Ion will shut down and enter standby mode. When there comes a time when someone has a chance to enter your room, which hopefully does not occur, please handle it in a quiet manner.

When you turn off the Smart Silence, that’s when you will hear the sounds that the device makes. While it’s not a good idea, it’s a better climax to feel the airwaves than to let the device do its thing at a low volume.

Clean Silicone

Silicone in Arcwave Ion is made with high density and biocompatibility. Also, the Ion is free of germs or pathogens. It’s also UV-resistant and hypoallergenic. When maintained well, it will have long durability in your sex life.

Storage Base

The Storage Base doubles as the charging station for the Ion. The charging process can last for an hour and a half. You can let it rest while it gains power to power your next sexy session. The casing protects it from damage and dust since the Ion is enclosed within.

The same Ion can be dried up because there’s an ice-smooth silica stick that absorbs any moisture. You don’t have to put it to air dry, which lowers chances of people viewing your stroker. But, it could be heavy if it is kept in a safe place.


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Pricing and Where to Buy

Prices vary from store to stores however, it is reported that the Arcwave Ion costs $199 excluding taxes on their official site. While it’s excessive for toys for sex in the market, the way it is presented is what makes it worth the price. After you have received the box, it looks like you’ve opened up a chic gadget. The great thing about this is the shipping will be discreetly delivered to you like any other item.

Inside the Box

In it, you have an Archive Ion, a charging dock, USB cable, a Pjur water-based lubricant, as well as an instruction manual. The essentials for any sex toy.

If you look at this device will notice there are ridges in the device. These can provide more ways to edge and feel better when stroking. A small storage compartment is available to place the lubricant when you want to beat your meat. In terms of charging, a fully charged device will take an hour and a half. That’s more than enough to play with your partner! Arcwave Ion Canada


The Archive Ion can be a fantastic way to boost your masturbation if you’re willing to. The price may be too high for some, and that’s understandable.

What you get in return is an investment for your sexual pleasure. The device can be cleaned quickly, and it’s water-resistant. In terms of the jerking action it targets an upper part of the penis. As opposed to other masturbation tools it is the Ion is a non-binding. If you don’t get a nut in some time, the Ion will help. Particularly if your skin is sensitive on the tip.

One drawback is that it can be loud. Even though it has its Smart Silence feature, it could not be sufficient the requirements of shooting your own load. Arcwave Ion Canada

Best part? Being pleasured by pulsating airwaves. The innovative technology brings an entirely new kind of enjoyment below the belt. It’s not like you’re numb by the adrenaline rush it provides.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Arcwave Ion Canada

What is Archive Ion?

Archive Ion is the latest sexual toy manufactured by WOWTech Ltd, meant for the modern man. They want to give you the most enjoyable form of sexual pleasure with innovative technology. One of the critical points is guys trying out new sexual fantasies while enjoying the climax.

Does it come with a warranty?

Archive Ion has a 2 year warranty and discreet shipping. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects that are present on the item. Other factors, such as wear and tear, misuse or careless handling are not applicable.

Is Archive Ion safe for use?

Yes. The majority of Arcwave Ion is made out of high-density silicon. A big plus is that it’s UV-resistant and hypoallergenic that protects you from unwanted germs.

Can Archive Ion work if I am circumcised or not?

Absolutely! The device works on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. Circumcision does not affect the enjoyment of pleasure. It’s about how you approach sexual pleasure.

Are there ways to make Archive Ion fit penises of all sizes?

The Arcwave Ion is made out of silicone which can adapt to all sizes. For reference, when unstretched, the insertion area is 33mm. If used, it will extend as far as 44mm. It also has an open-ended design at both edges, so it can handle any length and girth.

What type of lubricant is most effective when used with Arcwave Ion?

To get the most out of your experience water-based lubricants work. The company recommends using the Pjur water-based lubricant that is provided in the box. If you are using other brands, make sure that it is medical-grade dermatologically tested and approved by known manufacturers.

Can you make use of the Pleasure Air feature as a stroker?

Of course. The Pleasure Air feature can be applied to the frenulum when the item isn’t being used. The strokes create an additional type of pleasure that is not available with other sexually-oriented toys. It can also make your body feel comfortable.

When the device reaches the end of its life, how would it be disposed of?

The company is legally required to accept any electrical waste and devices for free. Users are also obliged to return any used-up batteries. It is not recommended to dispose of electronic gadgets or batteries in household waste bins. They pose a threat to the environment and require to go through a number of processes.

What is the estimated delivery time for the package?

They usually ship within 2 days after receiving the order. The delivery time can be five days following the date of delivery, depending in the location you reside. You can check the status of your order via the Arcwave Ion website.


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