Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini


A set of full, voluminous and healthy hair can reward you with lots of opportunities. You may receive compliments or even be noticed for your hair alone! As we get older things are going to change. As we encounter challenges that affect our hair, it could become susceptible to thinning or, more serious, balding. As you examine the condition of your hair, you will realize you’re far behind.

What can you do to fix this? Apart from a change of life style, laser hair treatment is one of the best solutions to ensure that your hair stays full. There are tons of accessible ways that you can find. For instance, the iRestore Hair Growth Systems is one of the most popular options that provide the most effective laser hair treatment with great prices, but did you know the different similar devices that perform just as well? We’ll find them out!


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Fabricating Fringe’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of iRestore, you may still want to check out our article below.

Overview The IRestore Laser Hair Growth System Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini

The iRestore Hair Growth System is an instrument for treating hair loss used to treat different indicators of baldness by speeding up hair growth. This FDA-cleared product features the combination of laser diodes as well as LED lights, resulting in a safer non-invasive and pleasant experience for users. The red light that is emitted within the headgear of the device is strong enough to remove all signs of hair loss – the hair follicles with thin skin which cause this issue disappear off the scalp. As a result, they are replaced with healthier ones, paving to hair growth. The iRestore is one of the numerous products that aid in treating baldness for people who suffer through the low-level laser therapy process.

What is the Low-level Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) LLLT is a medical treatment commonly used to help reduce pain and swelling and speed up healing. It’s also widely used to treat hair loss problems among individuals. In contrast to similar procedures that require surgeries, LLLT is painless and non-toxic and lowers the risks of dangerous negative side adverse effects. The procedure is suggested for those who suffer from androgenetic hair loss and is often caused by heart issues of various kinds such as diabetes, prostate, and issues among men, as well as PCOS and menopausal symptoms in women. It is also able to treat other types of alopecia such as one that occurs as a result of chemotherapy.

The iRestore is available in two different versions: the Essential priced at $695 as well as the Professional, priced at $1,195. Both versions have the LCD controller that comes with a 25-minute timer and an integrated safety sensor to ensure that the device is on only when it’s secured to the head. It comes pre-packaged with an AC adapter with a 7-foot length and you can purchase a battery pack separately if you want to move around. The iRestore is recommended to be used once every each day. Consistent usage will lead to full hair regrowth within 4 to 6 months.

The Benefits of the iRestore

  • The iRestore is seen as less hazardous since it is equipped packed with super-powerful LED red lights as well as laser diodes.
  • It comes with a hand-held LED controller that lets you switch on, begin the timer for 25 minutes, pause and shut off the power whenever you want to.
  • The support band for the back and the soft pads that are strategically placed within the inside of the helmet help keep the device secured.
  • The safety sensor on the device lets you know right away when the iRestore is not aligned from your head while you’re still in the process of the laser treatment.

The Cons of IRestore iRestore

  • The addition of wires upon wires connected to an iRestore device may be an unwelcoming hassle to deal with.
  • The design alone is not as versatile – it’s better to utilize it when you’re at home or in an in your apartment.
  • Results may take a long time if you don’t try the other products from iRestore specifically designed to improve the process of growing hair.

iRestore vs. Theradome Pro LH800

The Theradome Pro LH800 is another well-known laser hair growth device known for having an extra edge over iRestore due to the fact that it’s a wireless device that can be recharged whenever it runs out of battery. It’s not just the wireless capabilities that have been gaining attention as a reliable hair loss solution. It also has an all-laser systemthat we’ll explain in detail in the near future. Two 20-minute sessions a week are enough to treat hair loss and regenerate hair follicles to fullness and vigor within 6 to 12 months. The Theradome Pro LH800 is priced at $995. It comes with a 6-month money-back assurance.

Irestore Upside Down On Hair

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The Theradome and iRestore share striking similarities as far as design is in the design department. Both devices have headgears that resemble motorcycle helmets and bike helmets. Though they may have some unique marks and assets that set each other apart such as the power button on the Theradome and the safety headband that is on the iRestore and iRestore, both come with foam padding inside to keep the head safe and comfortable. Similar to the other however, the former is highly praised for not only the convenience, but its amazing outcomes.


The Theradome’s design of a helmet and its overwhelmingly positive reviews is similar to that of iRestore’s but the similarities end here. What sets it apart from the latter is the fact that it’s an all-laser device and it’s a bargain in fact! For more details it’s equipped with 80 low-level laser diodes, each powerful enough to regenerate weakened and thinned hair follicles. As a result, the duration of use is less than iRestore’s – instead of 25-minute sessions every two days You would need to make use of it for 20 minutes twice every week. Theradome, as mentioned previously, Theradome can be used wirelessly and wireless and cordless. That means you don’t have to worry about many issues from wiring alone! Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini

The Pros

  • Theradome’s customer service offering is excellent – whatever issue or concern that you have Theradome will address it immediately to the very best of their ability.
  • With the amount of features and the cost that the Pro LH80 is offered, it’s simply impossible to overlook the impressive results based on consistent recommended use.
  • The headband isn’t just rechargeable and wireless. It’s lightweight and simple to use, and it can snugly fit nearly all head shape.
  • The Theradome device is long-lasting and could last up to five years from the initial purchase.

The Cons

  • It may not be guaranteed to work on others because everyone lives in different scenarios with unique personal circumstances or circumstances.
  • In terms of design, the helmet might not be ideal for outdoor use – like the iRestore is, you should use it at home or in indoor settings.
  • The trial period is much shorter than the iRestore trial period by six months.

iRestore vs. Capillus One

Capillus is a well-known brand for its easy treatments for hair loss, and its handheld laser devices enhance the meaning of the word ‘convenience’ to the maximum. They’re designed to look like regular caps! They are available in a variety of styles, including the Capillus One is versatile, elegant, and suitable for those who wish to be stylish everywhere they go, and all at just $999. With a rechargeable lithium-on battery that will last for up to one month, this FDA-approved system only takes six minutes of treatment each day. Consistent use will result in growth within the next 12 months.


Like the iRestore, the Capillus One cap has been tried and proven, having undergone clinical studies to see its positive effects on those who have suffered from androgenetic Alopecia. Its laser diodes are medical-grade class II, which means that they are safe to use, it is not a risk to health, and the waves that emit are sufficient to reenergize cells to their previous glory. In the case of hair regrowth, diodes of class II penetrate the scalp and into the weakened hair follicles, which increases enough blood flow and cells to bring them and bring them back to health. Both iRestore as well as Capillus are FDA-approved, so there’s no reason to stress excessively.


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The Differences

The Capillus’s look and design are what make it unique and cleverly different from the IRestore by a mile. Its cap-like structure is versatile enough to allow anyone else to not even notice that you’re using it solve hair loss issues. This is a vast contrast to the iRestore’s overall design as well as its appearance. it alone, you may consider it best to keep it in your home. This doesn’t end there, since the Capillus One’s number of laser diodes is much higher than that of the iRestore or the Theradome Pro’s at 112 – which means you can get all-around laser treatments for your scalp in such a short treatment time! Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini

The Pros

  • The design and appearance provide Capillus One Capillus One (and other Capillus products) an incredible advantage of other Capillus products.
  • It is stylishly versatile, flexible at any place and extremely convenient for most of its users.
  • Despite having a circumference that’s about an inch smaller that it’s counterparts, the Thermadome and iRestore the iRestore fits perfectly around most head shapes.
  • It’s not only the quantity of laser diodes (112, to be exact) that gives the Capillus the edge, but also the wide scalp coverage all around.

The Cons

  • The cost is of Capillus One maybe $4 higher than the Theradome machine, but both are steeper in terms of price. This is not ideal for people who are on a tight budget.
  • The warranty coverage provided to the device is much lower than that offered by iRestore provides.
  • Regarding public perception in terms of reception by the public, the Capillus might appear lacking in quality despite its design and ease of use.

iRestore vs. HairMax LaserBand Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini

Many suffer with thinning hair, bald spots hairline receding HairMax’s LaserBand 82 from HairMax is created to correct mild signs of hair loss. It comes in the form of a headband like structure made to be safe as well as flexible to adapt to treat specific areas of the scalp easily. With the fastest treatment time on our list being at 90 seconds, treatment for 3 days per week can produce hair growth within 12-16 weeks. LaserBand 82 is priced at $799. LaserBand 82 is priced at $799.


Like iRestore and iRestore, it is similar to the HairMax LaserBand 82 is FDA-cleared. This may sound the same as FDA-approved. But make no mistake – FDA-approved products are primarily food items and drugs that are safe to consume. FDA-cleared products, on other hand, refer to medical devices that carry low to moderate dangers. Both HairMax along with iRestore are laser hair growth devices, and products that fall under this type are automatically considered FDA-cleared. Although they have different meanings, both “FDA-approved” as well as “FDA-cleared” are synonymous with security. Additionally, the HairMax and iRestore use class II laser diodes however, the similarities end here. Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini


The HairMax LaserBand is different many aspects that it can easily stand out from the iRestore. It is, for one, an adjustable headband that comes with an internal comb to ensure that the laser beam is efficiently penetrated onto the scalp. Having a headband-like structure could have some advantages, but also some cons. While you get to transfer the band to other areas of the scalp, others may not like how limited the range of application is. The second reason is that the iRestore offers less, the LaserBand has the 82 that are powerful enough to regrow the follicles. If you purchase it, you’ll also get additional products for hair growth as an added bonus. This is something that other products on this list don’t offer.


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The Pros

  • The HairMax LaserBand’s ergonomic design allows users to enjoy effortless movements , and convenient use anytime and wherever.
  • Its inclusion of hair-growth products such as shampoo, conditioner serum, shampoo, and other supplements can bring additional benefits to the side of the consumer.
  • For the price of $799 the 82-diode hair growth machine certainly sounds like a great deal to behold.
  • A laser hair loss treatment device with the shortest period among other options of our choices (90 seconds) LaserBand is the quickest. LaserBand is ideal for those who may have very busy schedules.

The Cons

  • Since it’s a hairband-type product however, it might not give the greatest coverage all around as compared to the three other machines.
  • When you consider the way it was made and the number of diodes that have been built into it, it’s not as flexible as the 42-diode counterpart.
  • Similar to the rest available, the HairMax LaserBand’s LLLT technology might not be suitable for every person – most of them, however, not all.


After we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the iRestore as well as the other options we offer, such as the Theradome Pro LH80, the Capillus One, and the HairMax Laser Band, we’ll reveal who’s the most suitable person to use each of the four laser hair growth treatment devices.

First, in the case of Theradome, we recommend if you’re looking for an all-laser replacement to iRestore. Since it’s established that full laser therapy performs better than LED lights, we see it as a high-end fixture within a hair-care clinic or specialist’s office. Laser Hair Growth Vs Upside Down Bikini

The Capillus is a great option when you’re someone who likes to complete everything with no problems. It’s possible to add this to your fashion staple if you’re looking for an option that does not require you to be in the house all day.

The HairMax headband device is great for treating specific parts of the scalp that are prone to loss of hair or thinness without worrying about or touching the other parts. Based on the product design it is possible to give it a go when you’re in search of a quick fix.

Lastly, as for the iRestore recommendation, we suggest it for those looking for a safer and more secure hair restoration device. We recommend it especially in the case of a limited budget. The wires and bulky design can cause minor discomfort If you’re willing to put up with it, then the iRestore may be the most effective thing you can buy.


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