Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus


A set of full, voluminous, and healthy hair rewards you with many opportunities. You may receive compliments or be noticed for your hair alone! As we get older things are changing. When we face challenges that affect our hair, it could end up being subjected to thinning and, worse it could be balding. As you take a look at its state, you soon might realize that you’re way too to late.

What can you do to fix this? In addition to a change in your lifestyle, laser therapy is one of the best methods to make sure that your hair is healthy and full. There are a myriad of options to obtain. The iRestore Hair Growth System is one of the most popular options that provide the most effective laser hair treatment for a reasonable price However, did you realize the different similar devices that perform exactly the same way? Let’s find out now!


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Fabricating Fringe’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of iRestore, you may still want to check out our article below.

Overview: The IRestore Laser Hair Growth System Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

The iRestore Hair Growth System is a hair loss treatment device known to treat varying symptoms of baldness, resulting in faster hair regrowth. This FDA-cleared item comes with laser diodes and LED light which result in a safer non-invasive and pleasant experience for users. The red light emanating from within the headgear of the device is powerful enough to remove all signs of hair loss – the hair follicles that are thinned which cause this issue disappear of the scalp. In the process, they are replaced with healthier versions, leading the way to hair regrowth. The iRestore is just one of the numerous products which help to treat baldness in those who suffer from it with the low-level laser therapy process.

What is the Low-level Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT is a type of treatment that is commonly used to aid in reducing swelling and pain and speed up healing. It’s also widely for treating hair loss problems among individuals. Unlike similar methods that require surgery, LLLT is painless and non-toxic and reduces the underlying risks of dangerous side effects. It is recommended for those who suffer from androgenetic hair loss, which is usually caused by varying heart problems such as diabetes, prostate, and issues in men as well as PCOS and menopausal issues among women. It is also able to treat different forms of alopecia including one that’s caused due to chemotherapy.

The iRestore comes in two versions of the Essential price is $695 as well as the Professional priced at $1,195. Both have an LCD controller equipped with a timer of 25 minutes and an inbuilt security sensor that makes sure that the device is on only when it’s securely attached on the head. It’s pre-packed with an AC adapter that is 7 feet long, but you can buy an additional battery pack in case you wish to travel anywhere. The iRestore is recommended to be used every each day. Consistent usage will result in full hair regrowth within 4 to 6 months.

The Pros of the iRestore

  • The iRestore is seen as less harmful as it comes complete with powerful red LED lights together with laser diodes.
  • It features a handheld LED controller that allows you to switch on, begin the 25-minute timer, pause and shut off the power whenever you feel like it.
  • The support band for the back and the soft pads that are strategically put inside the helmet help keep the device secured.
  • The safety sensor on the device alerts you right away if the iRestore is misaligned from your head when you’re in the middle of laser treatment.

Pros and Cons of the iRestore

  • Wires to wires connected to the iRestore device can be a hassle that you do not want to handle.
  • The design itself isn’t as versatile – it’s better to utilize it when you’re at home or in an apartment.
  • Results could take a time if you don’t try iRestore’s other hair care products designed to boost the growth of hair.

iRestore is vs. Theradome Pro LH800

The Theradome Pro LH800 is another popular device for hair growth with an additional edge over iRestore – that’s because it’s a wireless device that can be recharged anytime it’s low on battery. It’s not just the wireless capabilities that have been gaining attention as an effective hair loss solution. It’s also known for having an all-laser systemthat we’ll discuss in more detail in the near future. Two 20-minute sessions a week are sufficient to treat hair loss and restore follicles back to life and vigor within 6 to 12 months. The Theradome ProLH800 cost $995 and comes with a six-month money-back guarantee.

Irestore Laser Reviews

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The Theradome and iRestore both have striking similarities when it comes to design is in the design department. Both devices have headgears that mimic the shape of motorcycle helmets and bike helmets. Although they might have distinctive marks and features that set each other apart including the power button on the Theradome as well as the security headband that is on the iRestore, both have foam padding inside to ensure that the head is safe and comfortable. Similar to the other as well, the former is highly praised for not only the convenience, but its incredible results.

The Differences

The Theradome’s design of a helmet and its positive reception are similar to that of iRestore, however, the similarities end there. The thing that sets the former against the latter is that it’s an all-laser device – an affordable one and a very affordable one! To explain further, it comes with 80 low-level laser diodes, each one powerful enough to rejuvenate weakened and thinned hair follicles. This means that the duration of use is less than iRestore’s – instead of 25-minute sessions every two days it is only necessary to use the device for 20 minutes twice every week. As mentioned earlier, the Theradome has a wireless connection and is cordless. This means you wouldn’t get many issues from wiring alone! Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

The Pros

  • Theradome’s customer service offering is reliable – no matter what issue or concern you may have they’ll address it right away to the very best of their ability.
  • With the amount of features available and the price for is offered by the Pro LH80 is offered, it’s difficult to ignore the incredible results that are based on the consistent use.
  • The headband isn’t just rechargeable and wireless. It’s also lightweight and easy to use. It can comfortably fit almost all head shape.
  • It is durable and could last up to five years from the initial purchase.

The Cons

  • It is not certain that it will work for everyone because everyone lives in different environments with various personal circumstances and conditions.
  • Design-wise, the helmet may not be ideal for outdoor use – like the iRestore is, you should use it at home or indoors.
  • The trial time is shorter than iRestore’s by just six months.

iRestore and. Capillus One

Capillus is widely-acclaimed for its ease of use treatments for hair loss and its lasers that are portable take the meaning of the word ‘convenience’ to the maximum. They’re designed to look like regular caps! They are available in a range of versions and they’re available in a variety of colors. Capillus One is versatile, elegant, and suitable for those looking to appear stylish wherever they turn, all at just $999. With a rechargeable lithium-on battery that will last for up to a month, this FDA-cleared device takes just 6 minutes worth of treatment each day. Consistent use will result in an increase in twelve months.


Like the iRestorecap, the Capillus One cap has been tested and proved through clinical studies to determine its positive effects on patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Its laser diodes are medical-grade class II, which means that they are safe for use. It is not a risk to health, and the waves that emit are adequate to reenergize cells to their former splendor. For hair growth, the diodes in class II go through the skin and into the weakened follicles, boosting the blood flow and cell count to bring them and bring them back to full strength. Both the iRestore and Capillus are FDA-approved, so there’s no need to worry excessively.


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The Differences

The design and look of the Capillus are what make it distinctive and distinct from the iRestore by miles. Its cap-like shape is adaptable enough to allow anyone else to not even notice that you’re using it to combat hair loss issues. It’s a stark contrast to the iRestore’s overall design and, based on the appearance of it, you could consider that it’s better to use it at home. This doesn’t end at that point, as it’s also worth noting that the Capillus One’s count of diodes in lasers is higher than that of the iRestore or Theradome Pro’s 112 – it provides all-round laser treatments for your scalp within such a short time! Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

The Pros

  • The design and appearance make this Capillus One (and other Capillus products) a huge leap ahead of the rest.
  • It’s elegantly versatile it is a flexible device that can be used anywhere and highly practical for most of its users.
  • Despite having a circumference less than an inch larger that The Thermadome and iRestore It fits comfortably over the majority of head designs.
  • It’s not just the amount of diodes in a laser (112, to be exact) which gives the Capillus an enormous advantage as well as the broad all-around scalp coverage.

The Cons

  • The cost is of Capillus One maybe $4 higher than the Theradome , however both are higher in terms of cost. This isn’t ideal for people who are on a tight budget.
  • The warranty protection offered for the product is much less compared to what the iRestore gives.
  • Regarding public perception In terms of public reception, the Capillus could be perceived as a bit lackluster despite the appearance and the ease of use.

iRestore Vs. HairMax LaserBand Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

Used by many who suffer from bald spots, thinning hairline receding HairMax’s LaserBand 82 from HairMax is created to correct moderate signs of hair loss. It’s made of a headband-like structure, made to be safe as well as flexible to be able to adjust to treat specific areas of the scalp easily. With the fastest treatment speed on our list being at 90 seconds, the recommended usage of 3 days a week should produce hair growth within 12-16 weeks. Its LaserBand 82 is priced at $799.


Similar to iRestore, it is similar to the HairMax LaserBand 82 is FDA-cleared. This may sound the same as being FDA-approved. However, don’t be fooled – FDA-approved items are typically safe-to-consume foods and drug medications. FDA-cleared products, on the contrary, are medical devices that carry low to moderate dangers. Both HairMax along with iRestore are laser hair-growth devices, and products that fall under this type are automatically considered FDA-cleared. Although they have different meanings, both the terms “FDA-approved” and “FDA-cleared” are synonymous with safety. In addition, HairMax and IRestore both use class II laser diodes but the similarities end here. Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus


The HairMax LaserBand is different many features that make it distinguish itself in comparison to the IRestore. Firstly, it comes as a headband wearable, with an inner comb to ensure that the laser beam is effectively absorbed into the scalp. A headband-like design may have a few advantages, but also certain cons. While it is possible to move the band to other areas of the scalp, other might be dissatisfied with how small the coverage is. In addition, since the iRestore has much less coverage, the LaserBand comes with 82 – powerful enough to regrow the follicles. And lastly, if you purchase it, you’ll also receive extra hair growth products as a bonus, something other products on this list don’t offer.


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The Pros

  • The HairMax LaserBand’s product design allows users to enjoy effortless movements and convenient usage whenever and wherever.
  • The use of products for hair growth such as shampoo conditioner serum, and other products, adds bonus benefits on the user’s end.
  • For the price of $799 the 82-diode hair growth machine surely sounds like an incredible deal.
  • Laser hair loss treatment instrument with the shortest period among other options on our list (90 seconds) The LaserBand is ideal for those who are likely to have busy schedules.

The Cons

  • Since it’s a hairband-type product, it may not provide the most comprehensive coverage when in comparison to the other three machines.
  • Considering how it’s made and the amount of diodes it has been constructed into it, it’s not as flexible as the 42-diode counterpart.
  • Like the other options available, as with the rest, HairMax LaserBand’s LLLT technology may not be appropriate for every person – most of them, however, not all.


Now that we’ve established all you must know about the iRestore as well as the other options we offer, such as The Theradome Pro LH80, the Capillus One, and the HairMax Laser Band, let us reveal who’s the most suitable user for every one of these laser hair treatment devices.

In the first instance, in the case of Theradome, we recommend if you are looking for a laser-only replacement to iRestore. Because it is well-established that all-laser therapy works best than with LED lights, we see it as a professional fixture in a hair care clinic or specialist’s office. Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

The Capillus is a great option for those who are a frequent traveler or someone who is able to do everything without any issues. It’s possible to incorporate this as a fashion staple if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require you to stay at home all the time.

The HairMax headband device is great for treating certain areas of your scalp that are prone to losing hair or thin without having to worry about touching other areas. Based on the product design it’s possible you’ll want to consider this in case you’re looking for a quick fix.

Finally, with regard to the iRestore, we recommend it for anyone seeking a more secure and more secure hair-restoration device. We would also suggest this if you’re short on the budget. The wiring and the bulky appearance can cause minor discomfort, but if you’re willing to overlook it the iRestore could be the best option you can get.


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Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus


Hair loss must be an extremely difficult pill to take. In today’s society, people who have hair loss are usually viewed as unattractive. They may find a plethora of quick and temporary solutions to keep their fears away from others who might be a bit sceptical about them or, worse, make fun of them. Not only does this lower their self-esteem. It also crushes their spirits.

If you experience signs of hair loss and happen to stumble across this article, chances are you may be looking for an end-all-be-all solution for treating the problem. Did you know that there’s one that can aid in restoring your hair to what it once was from your home? and that it comes with medical-grade features that you are able to gain access to at any time? We are pleased to introduce iRestore the cutting-edge laser hair growth treatment. If you think this is the perfect solution for you, continue reading to find outmore!


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Fabricating Fringe’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of iRestore, you may still want to check out our article below.

What exactly is iRestore Hair Growth System? Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

iRestore is a laser-based hair growth treatment that aims to treat mild to moderate signs of loss of hair that is typically seen in middle-aged men and women. Approved by the FDA it has been tested clinically and proved to decrease the chance of losing hair by treating the scalp using the combination of lasers and LED light sources to encourage hair growth.

The iRestore has been known to boost the volume of the hair in the areas that are most susceptible to baldness and thinning which includes the hairline. The specially-designed headgear treatment can help users who suffer hair loss notice results as quick as 3 to 6 months with consistent usage.

Who is allowed to use the IRestore?

Patients who experience low to moderate hair loss are the ideal candidates for this iRestore system. In addition, women and men with medium to small hairlines receding or bald patches can also utilize it to treat hair loss and thinning. Although it is best suited for people with varying hair loss problems however, the iRestore is not highly recommended for those suffering from extreme cases.

To better understand the issues we’re faced with, it’s best to examine what the reason for hair loss means first. The loss of hair occurs when hairs that develop from the roots cease to grow on the scalp due to a variety of reasons including the issue of blood flow or radiation. Once the hairs stop growing, they continue to thin until they completely disappear.

iRestore: The Pros and Cons

If you’re in search of a doable solution for hair loss There are plenty of reasons to test the iRestore. However, there may be certain disadvantages you be considering if you’re still interested. In order to help you make your final decision, we’ve listed all the pros and cons we have found concerning the iRestore hair growth method!

The Pros

  • It’s convenient. Users can pause or restart the treatment with laser light at any point at any time, and at any pace.
  • It’s non-invasive. It doesn’t require surgeries or prescriptions for fixing hair loss – all it takes is warm light all over your scalp. There’s nothing else!
  • It’s wearable. The iRestore is in the shape of an e-helmet. It might look funny at first but the results are worth it!
  • It’s comfortable. There are five pads within the helmet, so there’s no sign of discomfort on your head.
  • It’s recommended for all genders. No matter if you’re an old guy or a thirty-something woman, iRestore has got your back!

Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

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The Cons

  • It’s expensive for others to be able to. The iRestore’s starting price is $695 which is perhaps too much for the budget-conscious.
  • Results may take longer for some users. Those who have used it for treatment of hair loss reported a much slower process.
  • It could cause dizziness and headaches. A few users have noticed dizziness, which may be due to the laser technology of light.

iRestore The Key Features and Products

The iRestore system comes in two different versions. One of them is the Essential version, which is the combination of 51 medical-grade red lasers as well as LED lights. It costs $695 and covers the top of the scalp, hairline and crown area as well as one year of warranty. The Professional, on the other one hand, features more than twice the number of lasers and LEDs as the basic model, and an additional layer of protection for the sides and back of scalp. With a 2-year warranty period and a price of $1,195.

The two versions of the iRestore include an LCD-display handheld controller that has a timer. The iRestore comes with a white helmet, or dome that weighs around 3 pounds. It comes with a headband to help prevent it from falling over of the head and 5 soft pads to provide additional comfort. One of the most important features is the security sensor that makes sure that the iRestore will only be turned on when it’s secured to the head of the user. Also included in the package is an instruction guide with guidelines for who can be eligible access to this device and an AC adapter with a 7-foot length. Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

While it’s not part of the package, you can opt to buy a battery pack for wireless mobility. You can also purchase any of the hair-care products and supplements that the company also offers products for hair growth, such as products and shampoo!

How to use the iRestore

The initial step in using the iRestore hair growth system is to connect the controller of the device to an adapter , or battery pack. When the dome is put over the head, it is possible to begin turning it on through the controller. A typical session with the iRestore is timed automatically at 25 minutes. So as soon as the period ends that red light be turned off. You can also pause the session as you like and resume where you left off.

The red light that emanates from the white cap is a mixture with class 4R lasers and LED lights. The combination is strong enough to stimulate hair follicles that have been dormant for a long period of time. It also aids in boosting metabolism in the cells and in regenerating circulation of blood, stimulating the hair follicles and grow.

Upon your first couple of weeks of using iRestore to treat hair loss, you might expect your thinned hair to shed. You don’t have to worry about it, as that’s normally how it happens when you undergo the laser treatment to grow hair. If your thin hair follicles are completely gone, they will make way for newer, stronger, and larger ones. Within 3 to 6 months – obviously, upon regular use – expect that you may receive remarkable and tangible results. But, we’d like to point out that results may not always the same for different individuals. Some may get results within 3-4 months, while others might have to wait longer to have those bald patches filled.


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Where to Buy the iRestore

It is available for purchase on iRestore System is offered to purchase from the official website of the company at iRestoreLaser.com. It’s also available through Amazon.com, as it is an official store.

In addition to the brand-name devices, you could also choose to buy other products for your hair and growth supplements as well including notable features like the Max Growth Bundle of shampoos, conditioners, serums, and supplements, as well as the Gummy Vitamins. Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

iRestore The Summary

Is this iRestore Hair Growth System the ultimate solution to treat your bald spots forever? The final answer will depend on how you take care care of your body and if you have any medical issues that might be affecting you, but basing on the clinical research that has proved to be accurate The laser-light system should perform just fine for you.

It is important to consider additional factors prior to making your decision, such as the expensive cost, the inconsistent results, and why it does not work according to its claims for some people. However, we think that the iRestore is something that is definitely worth trying. Another thing – we also suggest you to try the other options, especially those in the Max Growth bundle, for a much better turnaround on your hair!

FAQ Which Is Better Irestore Vs Capillus

Does the iRestore perform its job in treating hair loss?

According to research the low-level laser therapy that comes in many forms, like the iRestore treatment, is efficient in stimulating the growth of hair from hair follicles to a 100% rate. According to the facts, it’s likely to be a good choice for those who experience moderate hair loss. But, there are those who believe that the caps for iRestore aren’t partly or fully effective.

Does it true that the iRestore device FDA approved?

The iRestore isn’t a product that has been recognized as conforming to FDA standards, however it is approved to be purchased. FDA-cleared products are referred to as Class II items which have been vetted by the agency on the basis that they might pose moderate but not dangerous risks to the consumer.

How many times do you have to use IRestore?

It is recommended to make use of the iRestore every other day, or three to four days per week, for 25 minutes.

Do you have to use the iRestore?

Overuse of the iRestore beyond the 25-minute daily limit could result in a delay to your hair growth treatment.

According to the guidelines of the company regarding its use the excessive exposure to laser light could cause hair follicles to overstimulate, on top of potential headaches and dizziness.


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Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus


It has been shown by studies that by age 50, half of all men would have undergone signs of baldness. This can vary from insignificant to notable hair loss and for reasons such as genetics, amongst others. Although the loss of hair seems to be less severe for girls, it’s still an issue for millions of women throughout the planet. In actuality, some women even wind up being bald. Many men and women are not bothered by hair loss, wearing it like a badge which signifies wisdom through time. But, understandably, many are searching for ways to minimize its effect.


If you prefer videos, you can check out this video from HairMax on YouTube. It’ll give you a sneak-peak and overview of the device, including how to use it.

About HairMax Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

Among the hair loss solutions doing its rounds on the internet is HairMax, which has established a reputation for showing significant results. In actuality, it did well enough to be given FDA approval.

Their most well-known solution, LaserComb, has served as a blueprint of sorts for similar products. They’ve been able to sell a large number of products through the years. Among these products, Laserband 82 is most likely their flagship device.

The HairMax LaserBand 82 is essentially a system that uses lasers to stop and even reverse hair loss. Laser therapy does this by combatting hair miniaturization. The company claims that the product uses crescent-shaped lasers to stimulate hair follicles, bringing back optimum hair growth. For results, the recommended treatment program is three times per week, one to two minutes per session.

The creators of the HairMax Laser Comb also state that the product does its magic through photo-biostimulation. This supposedly means that the laser’s energy works to boost hair follicles’ power on a cellular level. Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

What does each set contain?

  • HairMax LaserBand 82
  • Charging Cord
  • Instructions and Usage Guide
  • Storage Bag


Design And Features

The product comes at just 15 ounces, which is surprisingly lighter than it looks.The band has 82 laser producing pins, hence the name. The removable teeth on both sides of the actual band work like a comb: it components and move hair so that the laser comes in contact directly with the scalp.

These teeth can be removed and replaced with unique sizes, depending on what fits best with your head. This ensures that users can wear the unit comfortably, no matter the head size.

To turn the device on, you simply need to hit the power button on its right side. Pressing the button once will initiate a 30-second treatment while pressing it twice in succession starts the 4-second therapy. These are the two treatment options available, so don’t be confused. It’s also nice that the device gently vibrates to tell you that it is time to move the band to a different section of the scalp.

Also keep in mind that you would need to do one whole movement after it vibrates if you picked the 30-second therapy But, if you opt for the 4-second therapy, then you’d need 6 cycles to finish one session.

How Do You Use It?

According to the instructions, the first thing you should do is comb your hair for 10-15 minutes prior to each treatment. You should do it from front to back and then side to side, moving your comb in increments of about half an inch each 4 seconds. It’s best to use the product after shampooing so your hair doesn’t have any sort of styling products, according to the instructions. You can do each session 3 days a week. Yes, it is a little time-consuming. But, the results certainly justify it. In any case, you’ll eventually get used to it after a few weeks or so.

The product is very easy to use and the instructions are pretty much straightforward. Charging the device for approximately 4 hours before your first time using it is necessary, so don’t skip this step. But it’s great that you don’t need to configure anything else besides selecting the most appropriate teeth for the comb and adjusting it to fit on your mind the best approach.

Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

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It’s A Product For Both Ladies And Gents

Women going through a postpartum process can also benefit from this product, which is interesting because hair loss is more commonly associated with men. For anyone who doesn’t understand, hair loss is a part of pregnancy for many women. In fact, for some women, it begins as early as 16 weeks into their pregnancy. But then, some say that they create shinier, healthier hair throughout their pregnancy, so it’s really a case to case basis. It all depends upon how a woman’s body responds to hormones, as well as their genes to some extent. Nevertheless, this product may be used by women and men.

Does It Really Work?

If you check the box, you will see a piece of paper that details how the product should improve your hair from week 0 to week 12. In my experience, it is pretty close. But naturally, it’s expected that it will not be the exact same for all users. Some see faster development than just how the description says, while others lag behind a little. To be certain, you can take a photo of your hair every week and compare it to the diagram shown in the description. The purpose of this is to see for yourself how your hair develops after every weekly therapy.

Following 8 weeks of treatments, you can surely see some improvements with your hair. With a side by side comparison of the photographs that you took, then the difference will be even more obvious. It’s worth noting that developments on the scalp can also be seen, which makes sense as the treatment is designed to improve hair growth at the follicle level. Running your hands through your hair will also give you a tactile idea of the improvements.

Users also report that at only 8 weeks, they already achieved significant improvements that’s supposedly reachable only 12 weeks into the treatment. Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

Overall, using the unit is far from being uncomfortable, which can’t be said for another hair loss remedies, much more those involving chemicals. The teeth on the apparatus feel just like any typical comb or hairbrush, even though it may be slightly on the stiffer and heavier side. Think old school combs that your grandma probably used.

It’s honestly just like using a regular combing routine. You just have to keep in mind that the device works better if you keep the teeth of the comb as tightly pressed to your potential while still allowing it to be moved comfortably. That it feels like your scalp is being massaged is another point for this product.

You should also keep in mind that you should avoid looking directly into the lights that the system produces when it is being used. It would be kinda hard to do when taking it off your mind. This is because the only sign that you’ve turned it completely off is if the lights on it go out.But because you need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds to turn the device off, your muscle memory will eventually learn this after a couple of uses. Admittedly, it would be nicer if the device gave off other indications such as a gentle vibration or an audio cue so users can know that it’s turned off without even looking at the light.


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Let’s say that this is the first time trying out a product that combats hair loss. Seeing how your hair really develops across the treatment would be the sole frame of reference that you’ll have. You might not need to try out other methods after this because this is most likely the most hassle-free treatment style out there on the market. Aside from the fact that each session lasts for only minutes, there are also no chemicals involved. However, you have to manage your expectations slightly depending on the severity of hair loss you currently have. Suppose you are really looking to see more improvements with your hair. Lifestyle changes such as a better diet and some exercise to keep your body and scalp healthy along with the weekly treatments would help out a lot, if that’s what you are aiming for.

But, there is just no denying that this product can make important improvements to your hair and scalp especially if you’re unfortunately part of the aforementioned 50%. The majority of those who tried out this product can vouch for this claim, and you don’t even have to worry about any side effects. Along with the FDA seal of approval which individuals can rely on, you can trust this product to be completely harmless because it actually underwent clinical trials.

FAQ Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

Q: How much is it?

A: It retails at $799.00. But, it’s almost always on sale, and you can get huge discounts.

Q: Where can I purchase it?

A: It’s available on the HairMax Website and Amazon.

Q: Can I purchase it in an installment basis?

A: Yes. HairMax has partnerships that enable customers to make installment payments.

Q: Can it be shipped outside of America?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the unit be used indefinitely?

A: Yes. The product can be used indefinitely until you see that development that you want.

Q: Can I use it more than 3 times weekly for better results?

A: No. Doing more than 3 sessions per week offers no improvements.


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